“grc” style config

This configuration style provides a way to easily reuse configuration files from grc.

For details on the configuration, please refer to the documentation of that project.


The grc config files show inconsistent behaviour with regex group numbering. This requires a dummy color in the replacement rules in most cases. strec will always match the regex-groups with the colour names when processing grc-config-files so the dummy entries are not necessary.

This however means, that most config-files from grc are not usable without modifcation.


A rule for blkid contains 3 colors, but only 2 regex groups. To make this config work in strec, remove the first unchanged colour:

--- conf.blkid  2021-11-14 14:11:25.063093310 +0100
+++ conf.blkid.strec    2022-01-02 12:15:34.095626658 +0100
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
# Blk mapper
-colours=unchanged,underline green,bright_green
+colours=underline green,bright_green